Where's it going wrong for Liverpool?

4 straight Premier League losses and 19 points behind leaders Man City is not the form of such runaway champions from last year is it?

But it's exactly that, a loss of form and we need to look at the broader perspective that Liverpool have had so many injuries all in the same key defensive positions. They're now bringing in back-ups to back-ups to the First XI.

I think firstly we need to look at how well Klopp had this Liverpool team playing under unfamiliar circumstances and its just been a case of burnout causing injuries on top of injuries. Players are being rushed back to cover their replacement and it seems a vicious circle.

Ordinarily, he would have been able to rotate and rest some of his players, but he's down to bare bones in defence now, so much that Jordan Henderson has been playing centre back. If you ask any Liverpool fan before the season if they want Henderson in defence, the answer is no.

Latest news is that Henderson will be out for 12 weeks now too, effectively putting him out until the last 3 or 4 games of the season, not enough time to have much impact at the business end of the season.

4 straight losses is hard to accept but to see some Liverpool ‘fans‘ asking for Klopp to go is absolutely shocking. Think about everything that this man has done for your club. Both the club and Klopp are going through a difficult patch, the team can and will turn this around. Klopp has his own personal issues after the difficult loss of his mum.

Almost as difficult for us that put them in our weekend accumulators and lose!

I do believe that they should have brought in at least one solid defensive reinforcement in the January transfer window, and we know January transfers are always more costly and more difficult due to the shorter time to replace players, but this is the club that went out and got Van Dijk in January 2018. Covid will have no doubt impacted their transfer budget but if they don’t make the Champions League places, that could have just as much of a drastic impact, not only on the budget but the short term view of players wanting to join. Champions League football is a massive pull for prospective players.

Current form of 3 points from the last 5 games is pretty shocking, the same level as West Brom and Sheffield United, and look how they’re faring this year, but like I’ve already said it’s bad form in a pretty strange season. Injuries have really taken their toll on the team and there is reasonable explanation as to why they aren’t playing as well as they could. If you put that many injuries into any team, not many could cope and not many could cope as well as Liverpool have to still be in contention for top 4.

On the flip side though, the games they have lost or drawn, are all ’should win’ games for Liverpool. They‘ve lost to Everton, Brighton and Burnley all at Anfield in the last month. No Liverpool side should be losing those games. Anfield should be the fortress, but it seems this season the wall is coming down, no more fortress Anfield, no more siege mentality in the squad. Teams are turning up at Anfield and thinking they’ve got a chance of taking all 3 points home. Last year everybody, with the exception of Man City, turned up and tried to keep the scoreline respectable.

Taking the game against Everton as an example, they still started the game with 10 players who have a Champions League winners medal in their cabinet at home. All quality players who should be playing better. There have definitely been Liverpool teams not as good or as deep as this one that have still managed to find ways to win, especially on Derby day.

I’m not saying Klopp needs to go, far from it. I’m a massive Klopp fan, but he even seems more agitated in interviews, biting back at reporters instead of laughing and joking with them.

All I’m saying is he needs a refresh. He needs to tweak his system as other managers are finding ways of playing against it, create something new, something to catch the opposition off guard. The tried and tested doesn’t work every time.


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