The Big 6

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham right?

Those are the traditional ‘big 6’, a term coined by Sky Sports for marketing purposes really, but it seems to have stuck and everyone just accepts it.

But are they the big 6 teams anymore? No, not for me.

They may be the 6 biggest clubs but not the big 6 teams.

They are the biggest financial powers of the Premier League, and in general have the fuller trophy cabinets, perhaps with the exception of Tottenham who haven’t won a trophy for 13 years, but they are still one of the strongest teams and do have the capability to win trophies. They have the bigger global fan bases as they are seen as more attractive teams to follow to those markets. Asia and South America seem to only really know of these clubs as that's where all of their marketing budget has been spent over the last decade or so.

My question is, where do Leicester fit into the equation?

They won the league more recently that Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham.

They look the team most capable of splitting up the big 6, or maybe turning it into a magnificent 7. They play good, attacking football, something we all love to watch, they have a great manager in Brendan Rogers, and do have a heck of a lot of financial clout with the Svrivaddhanaprabha family in charge. They're the 22nd richest club in Europe.

People laughed at them when they got promoted back to the Premier League and claimed they wanted European football within 4 years. Well not only did they get that, but they also have a Premier League trophy in the cabinet to show for it. And that was within the 4 years they promised.

Leicester are always a tough team to play against, they have an amazing fan base, a top quality stadium and stunning training facilities that were built for the price they sold Harry Maguire to Manchester United for. Their recruitment process is unbelievable, the £1m signing of Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez for £450,000 and the unknown N’Golo Kante for £8m.

Maybe it is a little early to include them with the 'traditional' or 'historical' big 6, but make no mistake about it, Leicester are now a team that is consistently pushing for European Football.


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