Sam Allardyce? Really?

Would you swap a Ford Focus ST for a Tractor? Probably not right?

The Focus is a workhorse and has that little something special to it. Not a Ferrari, but certainly capable. The Tractor is big, lumpy, and is designed for a specific job.

No, you wouldn't.

Then can someone explain to me how the powers that be at West Brom thought it wise to swap Slaven Bilić for Sam Allardyce?

*Allardyce on his Tractor showing the West Brom players how to lump it clear

Ok, I understand that Bilić wasn't getting the right result every week, but not everybody does, that's called winning and losing! He can only work with what he has at his disposal and it is his job to coach these players, give them the confidence that they can succeed in staying up. Bilić is a quality manager, and a quality coach, maybe not top of the league quality but he certainly could do a reasonable job. He had a system, he had ideas and a structure. His teams never got smashed by multiple goals to nil. He had a good way of playing, attacking football but with controlled defence. His league losses were marginal or unlucky. We all know that should have been a penalty against Manchester United, and that would have been a good point for West Brom, they way they played in that game it could have been all 3.

Allardyce is outdated. The game has moved on and left him behind. Teams are no longer capable of sitting back and getting the draw each week or sneaking a 1-0 win, the creative players in the league will just tear you apart, and that's being proven week in, week out with Allardyce in charge of West Brom at the moment. I would put Allardyce in a similar category to Tony Pulis, a Championship Manager. They are no longer the 'relegation specialist'. The quality of the Premier League has surpassed their managerial capabilities. Allardyce's West Brom have made teams like Leeds and Arsenal look like the Harlem GlobeTrotters passing the ball around them so easily. They looked like they were all tied together or were playing human table football. No fluidity, no movement, just set up to try and not concede. Even that, they aren't doing very well at.

Why would they have changed manager? Its getting more and more difficult to bring players in during the January transfer window unless you have some serious money to spend, and that's not what West Brom do. They take players from Championship clubs and coach them to Premier League players. Allardyce is not a coach, at all. He's a manager which will park the bus and stop others playing football. He hasn't got the right players at his disposal for that sort of set up, he has quicker, younger players, ones who don't have the experience to manage a game like that. Maybe with the exception of Connor Gallagher who is starting to look a real star for the future, but like every teenager in the country is still on Chelsea's books. No doubt they'll sell him to another club for a higher fee and make profit for another clubs development work. Bilić should have been given the time, this season is probably more strange as last season, teams have had no pre-season, the stadiums are empty and there's different protocols to follow pre-match. Its not the norm, and a bit of familiarity for the players and the staff might have been the only saving grace there. Instead you've now got a mix of strange circumstances around football, a manager out of his depth and a team which doesn't understand the anti-football he tries to play.

In Bilić's 12 Premier League games, he amassed 6 points, admittedly not a great number but the football was there and they were some difficult fixtures. Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea and Leicester amongst those teams. 1 point taken from those 4 fixtures mentioned, but could quite easily have been 6. 3-0 against Chelsea, and we know about the Manchester United game already. What a different picture that would have given.

They won 1 game, drew 3 and lost 8 with 9 goals scored and 25 conceded. Scoring at a rate of 0.75 Goals per game and conceding 2.08 per game.

Compare that to the 'Saviour' that is Sam Allardyce. In 5 Premier League games, they've drawn 2 and lost the other 3. Scored 2 goals and conceded 14. That's a scoring rate of 0.4 goals per game and conceding 2.80 per game. Scoring less than Bilić and conceding a lot more, and most of these games are against sides which you would expect West Brom to be fighting against, 6 pointers if you like. They lost to Leeds 5-0, the lost against Aston Villa 3-0, these are massive games to get results in if you want to stay in the Premier League. If you ratio those Allardyce figures up to the 12 games of Bilić, then they would have only scored 5 goals and conceded a whopping 34. Relegation form at its finest.

So this decision by the West Brom Owner Lai Guochuan to overrule the Board and sack Bilić seems to be blowing up in his face.

The wheels have not only come off for West Brom, but they seem to have been taken off by the owner.

It almost looks as though they are preparing for life in the Championship and Allardyce will look the hero for bringing them back up? If Allardyce takes West Brom down, I think they should be jumping back on the managerial merry-go-round for a new option.


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